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The Best Web Solution for Small Businesses

What’s the difference between a decent website and an awesome one? Beautiful design, clever development, and an innovative SEO strategy! From day one, we have specialized in developing and maintaining beautiful and professional websites for small businesses and their owners. With our focus securely on small business, we can concentrate all of our resources on building and maintaining the kind of sites that will ensure the success of your enterprise. Our small business websites are ones you can be proud of, bringing in viewers, clients, and customers. We build marketing sites, promotional pages, and ecommerce sites for your online store! Our sites grace the businesses of contractors and artists, and we run the pages of florists and horse treat bakers. All of these happy clients trust in Opal for their online solutions, and so should you.

At Opal, we firmly believe that the launch of a new website is only the beginning of the journey. Rather than simply building the site and then leaving it to the vicissitudes of the internet, we offer an ongoing care package, called “Opal Care,” in which we maintain and manage the site, keeping it fresh, healthy, up to date, and search engine optimized (SEO). It has been said that managing the online store or business is akin to running an entire second location. We wholeheartedly agree. If you are wondering who has the time and resources to do that, I’m happy to say that we do. This is, in fact, precisely what we do. We handle the online parts of your business, including content, the blog, marketing, online storefront, and social media presence, freeing you up to do what you do best: run your successful business.

Professional Website Development

We design beautiful, professional looking websites to establish your business as an authority in your respective field. We bring to bear a combination of computer knowledge and long term marketing strategy to bring you to the top.

Proven Search Engine Optimization

Opal applies a complex system of on site SEO and behind the scenes work to launch your site into the search engines' results pages.

Long Term "Opal Care"

Far too many websites are abandoned after their creation, dooming their owners to a downward slide as the site fades into obscurity. We believe in caring for a site after launching it, offering an extended webmastery program to all of our clients' websites.